Gunsmith Estimates

Published on Oct 1, 2015

These estimates are for Labor Only and do not include prices for parts and materials.

Service Charges

Shop Rate:

  • Per Hour$65.00
  • Per ½ Hour$35.00
  • Per Man & Machine Hour$95.00
  • Minimum Charge$35.00
  • Written Estimates & Appraisals$25.00

Clean & Oil Gun

  • Complete stripping and ultrasonic cleaning of all gun parts; checking for wear and suggesting service needed to restore to best possible condition$80.00

Field strip and ultrasonic bath:

  • Handgun$35.00
  • Large Gun$45.00

Barrel, Action & Rifle Work

  • Check Headspace1 Hour
  • Check Headspace 556½ Hour
  • Exotic Caliber HeadspaceQuote
  • Cut and Crown Barrel$95.00
  • Remove Live Round from Barrel$65.00
  • Install Pre-threaded & Chambered BarrelStarts at $65.00

Handgun Work

  • Chamber Revolver Cylinder1½ Hours

Sight Work

  • Mount Scope½ Hour
  • Mount Scope with lapping Sight in Customer Gun, not including ammo and targets$50.00
  • Bore Sight$15.00

AR-15 Labor Charges

  • Gas Block½ Hour
  • Quad Rail/Free Float H.G.1 Hour
  • Change Grip$15.00
  • Vertical Fore Grip$10.00
  • Sling Adapter½ Hour
  • Change Carbine Butt Stock$10.00
  • Change Rifle Butt to Carbine½ Hour
  • Change Fixed Front Sight½ Hour
  • Co Witness Optics/Laser½ Hour
  • Change Barrel1 Hour
  • Install/Adjust Single Stage Trigger1 to 2 Hours
  • Install/Adjust 2 Stage Trigger1 to 2 Hours
  • Change Out Furniture½ Hour
  • Build Up Lower (LABOR ONLY)½ Hour
  • Change Muzzle Device, no timing$10.00
  • Change Muzzle Device, with timing½ Hour

Stock Work

  • Install Recoil Pad½ Hour
  • Fix Butt PlateQuote
  • Shorten Length of PullQuote
  • Clean CheckeringQuote
  • Refinish FurnitureQuote

Metal Furnishings

  • BluingQuote
  • High PolishQuote
  • SatinQuote
  • ParkerizeQuote
  • CerakoteQuote
  • EngravingQuote

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